Volunteer with the Virginia Equine Welfare Society

VEWS offers our volunteers hands-on natural horsemanship training at our Hanover Training Barn. Not only will this training help our volunteers be safe when handling our horses, but it also teaches our horses consistency when being handled by different volunteers. Safety of our volunteers and horses is a priority within our organization.

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Without our volunteers, who donate their time and talents to VEWS, we could not save even one horse. Please consider volunteering with VEWS.

VEWS Volunteer Application (click to download)

We have many needs for volunteers. We have a few titled positions that need to be filled, as well as other “jobs” such as feeding, grooming, training, picking up and stacking hay, handing out brochures and reaching out to the public informing them of the problems of equine neglect, abuse, abandonment and horse slaughter. Some of our needs are:

  • Horse Care – Hands on horse care, mucking stalls, feeding, grooming, first aid, property maintenance, etc.
  • Information Booth – Help with educational programs presented by VEWS. Help at information booths by assisting in setting up the booth and speaking to the public about horse neglect/abuse and inform the public about VEWS and our mission.
  • Fundraising – Help organize and work fundraising events like formal fundraising events, information/merchandise booths, sell raffle or event tickets, concessions, sales and other special events.
  • Transporter – Move horses where needed. Must have own truck and trailer.
  • Miscellaneous – VEWS needs volunteers for many things that come up periodically or are a one-time occurrence.
  • ​Barn Checks Follow up on fostered and adopted equines and do facility checks on potential adopters or foster homes
  • Horse Training – Many horses that come into VEWS will not have received proper training in their former life. It is the intention of VEWS to provide proper ground and under saddle training, where necessary, to ensure the horse has the best chance of being adopted and finding their forever home.