VEWS T-shirt Fundraiser

We need your help!

In the process of rescuing and caring for these horses, we have incurred higher-than-average medical costs. This is where we need YOU!

We are asking each of our volunteers to sell 1-2 shirts from The Little Pink Polka Dot which will go toward existing expenses. We are setting a goal of selling 50 shirts in 30 days.

Here is all you need to do…COPY the paragraphs in the asterisks below and SHARE it with your friends and family via email, FB, text, snail mail, etc!! It’s really that SIMPLE!

**Happy Greetings! As you know I am an avid volunteer for VEWS (Virginia Equine Welfare Society) where we are a pillar in our community with rescuing horses from auctions and kill buyers. Although we are proud to say we have rescued 9 horses and found 6 forever homes just this year, we have incurred some emergency medical expenses in the process especially in just the past few months. Our Jasper had terrible abscess on both front legs, Jett had colic, and our new rescue had been extremely sick but had to be saved from being slaughtered. With these additional expenses and the long winter ahead of us, we must ensure VEWS is positioned to save the lives of more horses that desperately need our love and care.
I am reaching out to you because together we CAN make a difference! Each of our volunteers are being challenged to sell 2 shirts in 30 days! I want to be able to crush this goal before the end of our fundraiser, and I know I can with your support. Just go to and shop for the shirt you like best! It’s that easy, and you can wear your new shirt with pride, knowing you helped give a horse a new beginning, a second chance at life! If you can, please also forward this email to YOUR friends and family or copy and paste to any social media pages! A quick press of a button, whether it’s to purchase a shirt or to just share, CAN and WILL change the life of a horse in need!
It’s so very true when they say it takes a village! We can’t do this without the support and love of people like you! Thank you so very much!**

If each of us sells 2 shirts each, it will be enough to cover most of Jasper’s recently vet expenses. Thank goodness, our sweet Jasper is getting better! Like it says above, a quick press of a button, whether it’s to purchase a shirt or to just share, CAN and WILL change the life of a horse in need!

Thank you and good luck CRUSHING your goal!! Remember VEWS’ Goal is 50 in 30 days so start today!