Sunny Goes To School

sunnySunny is a 12 yo, 14.3h friendly, kind-hearted, easy going Arab gelding. Although it is not evident today, in 2015 Sunny was mistreated and neglected. He was seized from a farm in Orange County. The farm owner surrendered 81 horses, 28 cats, and 7 dogs after authorities executed a search warrant at the Orange County farm. That horrific day, the County regrettably euthanized 5 horses and found another 7 dead on the property. Sunny was one of the fortunate horses seized that day. Due to the limited ability for rescue organizations in the area to take in so many horses in desperate need and a lack of temporary foster care options, Sunny and 2 of the other horses ended up going to a non-profit horse retirement sanctuary. While under the care of the retirement sanctuary, Sunny went into a foster home situation for several months. Due to no fault of his own he was later returned to the retirement sanctuary. Recently, the retirement sanctuary turned Sunny over to Virginia Equine Welfare Society (VEWS) in hopes of getting him retrained and adopted to a forever home. After a month or so at VEWS, it was determined that Sunny probably has not been ridden and would require some professional training. Committed to their mission (Improving the lives of horses through education, rescue, rehabilitation, training and adoption), VEWS sought a trainer that uses a natural horsemanship approach.

And the next chapter in Sunny’s incredible story begins here….

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