sunnyAVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION NOW:  Sunny is a 14.3h sorrel with flaxen mane arabian gelding.  His age estimate is 12 years of age.  He is your typical Arabian diva, appreciating long grooming sessions and time with his people.  Independent and not herd bound.  Very sensible and for the most part a brave little guy willing to give almost anything a shot. Sunny has about 60 days total of saddling and biting up work and learning to accept a rider at the walk and trot in round pen and in ring. He lacks confidence in the canter but nothing more saddle time won’t improve.  Sunny can be ponied around the farm.  Sunny has some talent and a natural free moving trot, and is developing a little jog.  He has pretty decent brakes and has a pretty good start in the steering department.  As with most older horses experiencing a rider for the first time later in life can be a bigger life transition than it is for the younger ones.  That makes sunny a bit unique in his home requirements.  He will be best suited for an expert with a good working knowledge of colt starting or someone working closely with a professional, or someone willing to put one or two more months of training in the basics.  He would finish off beautifully in almost any direction an arabian sporthorse could.